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Marjorie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. My parents moved from Jellico to Knoxville my junior year of high school, 1962, and we were neighbors on Lincoln Street. this was a major cultural shock for me, but one of the wisest decisions that my dad made . He was the first security guard at Baptist Hospital. I too, am the fifth of five and the only one still T home at that time. I walked to school with Robert Tipton and Gene ? (Paper Boy). I remember your brothers (Stephen and John) but never interacted with them or you due to never having the opportunity. I remember admiring your beautiful house and knowing that your father was a minister. My mom was a faithful member South Knoxville Baptist Church. My sister, Nancy and her family attended there as well . She is my only living sibling and lives in Aloca. She was a nurse at Baptist.

I was intimidated at South and thankful for Robert and Gene’s friendship. I really enjoyed chorus with Dr Ballard and Mays. My girlfriend was Judy Hill and she was the glue for me. After High School, I went to Ohio and hired on at GM, Chevrolet Plant in Cincinnati. A year later, I joined the Army and ended up in Vietnam. Returned To Atlanta GM Plant, meeting my future wife and having a family. At 27, I received Christ and been a member of First Baptist Atlanta since 1976, Dr Charles Stanley, being my pastor.

Reading of your family was like “The Rest of The Story “. Our short visits at South Reunions and being FB friends, I was able to get a glimpse of your family and to appreciate the contributions each have made to make this a better world.

I am thankful that we will spend eternity together. I pray for members of our class that each will trust Jesus for their eternity.

Thank you for all you and Jack to be His hands and His feet.



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Thank you so much, Robert, for reading and commenting on my article! I remember well when you moved in and became our neighbor. Jim is the brother who was a year older than me. John was younger. Stephen was in college, but came home Christmas and summers. I've been impressed by your adult life, and I too have enjoyed seeing you at reunions. I'm very thankful for your faith in God! It's great that we serve the same Lord! May we both grow in our service to Him! Thanks, again!

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