Does God weep?

February 2023

Can we find a working solution?

January 2023

Can the Medieval Church show us how to relate to society today?

December 2022

Are Current Church Guidelines Enough? How Can We Restore the Abuser and Also Get at the Roots?

November 2022

The Value of Being Politically Independent
Where does Tribalism come from and what is the Christian response?

October 2022

Two popular Christian singers with a shared birthday/shared passion for the poor/both dying young
The Biblical Old Testament prophets continually warned the people of God about the dangers of idolatry. It’s important to know that during this time…

September 2022

The 25th Anniversary of the Death of Rich Mullins, Singer/Song Writer/Musician

August 2022

Why would the Lord God send lying spirits to a bunch of “prophets?” There is an amazing story in the Bible (1 Kings 22:1-37) that you won’t read in…

July 2022

Good or Bad?
Hello! I'm very excited to be starting this newsletter, excited, a little scared, but hopefully offering a slightly different perspective on current…